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Google Start Rolling out Android 5.1: What Nexus Users Need To Know

Finally rumours and leaks of Android 5.1 will come to end because today Google has given official word regarding the much hyped latest Android 5.1 update. Well as expected this update is not just a bug fix release, its slightly bigger version.

Unfortunately update is not as spectacular as rumoured earlier.  There are chances Google didn’t wanted to unwrap each details instead Tech giant wanted its Android 5.1 users to discover on our own. Don’t be disappoint still Android 5.1 is bringing couple of good changes.

Android 5.1 got all stuff to appeal both OEMs and users.  First interesting feature of update is that it supports more than one SIM card now. Yes, many of you think this sound strange but in emerging markets including Asian and few European markets manufacturers are providing support for dual SIM card slots. Now ROM manufacturers and OEMs don’t have to do heavy lifting because Google bakes this feature into Android 5.1.

Second prominent feature of Android 5.1 is that it supports HD voice now which will provide users clear voice over network and internet. Google mentioned this feature has couple of pre-condition that’s why All users will not enjoy this feature unless both devices running the latest Android 5.1 version. Currently many users are still waiting for Android 5.0 that’s why at the moment, this feature is limited to some Nexus users. Second pre-request is carrier support, Google mentioned in USA only T-Mobile and Verizon users can enjoy this feature.

A new device Protection mode is introduced by Google which will lock the Users phone in case of theft and new owner (thief) can’t revive it even on reset. To unlock device once again, user have to enter the Google account details.  This feature is also not for everyone, only owners of Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and new Google devices which are shipped with Android 5.1.

At the moment Android 5.1 factory images are available for Nexus 5, Nexus 7 WI-FI variant and Nexus 10. If you don’t want to upgrade your OS with factory images then you don't have to wait much because Google start rolling out update, In couple of days you will be receiving OTA latest Android 5.1 on your Nexus devices.

Source : Google 

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