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LG Aiming To Sell 10 Million G4 Units in 2015

Today we have a lot news regarding the sales number, Initially we have news about Samsung aiming for a record sales of its latest flagship Smartphone, followed by a news that Samsung received 20 million pre-orders for their latest flagships and now we have news from an another Korean manufacturer LG.

Korean giant manufacturer LG will be unveiling its flagship next month, so far we heard rumours that LG G4 will be radically different from its predecessor.  We can’t say that change is good or bad but one thing is confirm LG G4 will be having metal design.

LG is very faithful regarding its flagship, they are now aiming to sell 10 million units of G4 by the end of 2015. Last year flagship G3’s 7 million units were sold untill now. This year if LG sold 10 million units of G4 then they will get a chance to be number three in top three manufacturers.

In a recent interview at MWC 2015, LG officials are hopeful that their G4 specifications inspired carriers and major outlets throughout Europe. In order to achieve this hallmark LG have to do a heavy promotional campaign in all key Areas of Europe and US. 
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