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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Everything Buyers Need To Know

Every year nearly all companies release successor model of their flagship Smartphone but hype created by Samsung Galaxy S and Apple iPhone flagship is more than entire Smartphones available in the market. Samsung Galaxy S6 is the 2015 flagship from Samsung while Apple next iPhone is still at least 6 months away.
Samsung Galaxy S5 sales were not upto expectations that’s why company have to face poor financial results in last couple of quarters, Now Samsung is very optimistic that their GS6 will achieve the success that will help them to steady those thinning revenue streams.
Galaxy S6 first aim is to recapture the position that Samsung lost after announcement of GS5. From first look of device it seems Galaxy S6 got guts to turn things around once again. We earlier had first look on GS6 but today we are going to do a full review of this year Samsung flagship. 


Samsung was criticized on GS5 for keeping the same design since Galaxy S4. This year Samsung done huge improvements as far as design of GS6 is concern. The GS6 is the first model of Galaxy S series which is not featuring cheap plastic.

Yes, Finally Samsung embraced metal design for GS6. Galaxy S6 design is comprised of two tempered glass pieces with a metal frame. The glass material makes the phone glossier and gives a premium feeling. Samsung paid special attention on design that’s why it’s pretty easy to hold the device with one hand.


Samsung didn’t change display size this time, but doubled the screen resolution. Samsung GS6 5.1 inches display is of quad HD screen resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels). Quad HD display gives device an amazing pixel density of 577ppi.
High resolution display of GS6 is extremely sharp and good thing is it won’t be an additional load on device battery life and overall performance. Galaxy S6 display technology is also Super AMOLED. Samsung GS6 display is not impressive in terms of resolution but also in terms of color accuracy. 

User Interface: 

Before launch of Galaxy S6 we have rumours that Samsung is also revamping its TouchWiz UI for this year flagship. As expected GS6 is packed with Android Lollipop. Samsung took special care for things like refinement and stability of their UI.
As I mentioned above Samsung has made some very fine simplifications and enhancements which makes new UI pretty simpler. Although it still has heavy stuff of previous versions but company tried to hide them deeper.

Samsung Pay:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 becomes the first Smartphone which is featuring new Pay Service from Samsung. Samsung tried to provide an alternative for the Apple Pay. Currently Samsung has deals with MasterCard and Visa but we can expect more big players in coming months because Samsung assures that they are working on more deals.
Samsung also introduced a new interesting feature of Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) which Samsung said it will help them to widen their Samsung Pay compatibility with shopping stations. MST feature is addition to NFC.
At the end a bad news is the Samsung Pay won’t be available on release. Samsung will enable this feature in coming summer initially in US and South Korea then followed by Chinese and European market.

Processor & Memory:

It seems Galaxy S6 will be the first Samsung flagship device which won’t have Snapdragon version. Samsung yet to announce a Snapdragon version but so far only Exynos version announced. Samsung Octa core Exynos 7420 is performing very well and beat all Socs available in the market even the Snapdragon 810.
Samsung 64 bit Exynos 7420 is powered by 3GB of RAM. Which boosts the internal processing. Samsung is not in mode to make any compromises as far as internal hardware of its flagships are concern.
Basic model native storage of GS6 is 32GB, the reason behind 32GB native storage is this year Galaxy S Smartphone is not allowing users to expand memory using external SD card. Other two models are of 64GB and 128GB.
Overall performance of GS6 will be lag free that is confirmed thanks to recent benchmark test. 


Samsung flagships never lacks behind in camera department. A high end camera is attribute of Samsung flagships. This year GS6 will further solidify the Samsung leading position in camera department.
Although this year camera is same 16MP like earlier model but it hosts couple of new features which will enhance the performance of the camera.  New camera provides an auto-focus for the video shooting. Another major upgrade in this year camera is a wide F1.9 aperture now. Last year Galaxy S5 aperture was F2.2
Users of GS6 can now on camera feature by simply double-pressing the home button. The GS6 camera will always run in background and never get cleaned from system memory that’s why the camera app opens quickly.  Samsung mentioned it will not burden on device performance and battery thanks to latest optimization of UI.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is truly very impressive not only in looks but also under the hood. Although device is pretty solid but price tag will play a vital role in success of device. European users will be getting this device with a whopping price of 700 euros but price for other regions is still unknown.

Samsung is keen to release GS6 is April which is pretty good because usually Samsung took 45 days to release their flagship Galaxy S device. In order to lift the Samsung stocks GS6 have to battle against all Android flagships and obviously iPhones.

Samsung put its best to improve the GS6 and final product shows this effort. We don’t have to wait till release to confirm that indeed Samsung GS6 shaken the smartphone market. No doubt GS6 is the best Galaxy S smartphone Samsung ever released.

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