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Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Official Price Tag For European Market

Yesterday Korean giant tech manufacturer Samsung unveiled its much hyped Galaxy S6 andGalaxy S6 Edge. Both devices will be available for sale from April 10th. Now release date is offical, everyone wants to know the price tag of the both devices.

Well price tag of both devices is same as rumoured before launching event. Today Samsung Netherland put the both devices for pre-order which not only confirmed release date but also price tag for Samsung’s 2015 flagship in European market.

As you all know basic model of GS6 is of 32GB, this variant is available for €699 while 64GB model will be available for €799 and third variant will be 128GB which will be priced at €899. As expected on the other hand S6 Edge is nearly 150$ expensive, Basic 32GB memory storage variant is available for €849. 64GB variant for €949 and last 128GB variant is for €1049.

For USA customers price will be similar, basic variant will start from $600+ and then $100 increment for higher models. In case you are planning to buy device locked device, then price tag will be similar $199 on two year contract. Edge variant will be $100 more than normal variant.

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