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Top 10 Android Smartphones of Q1,2015 By Antutu Benchmark

Many smartphones geeks before buying device measure the Smartphone performance in terms of benchmark results. Well we have to admit that Benchmark test results are the best source to know the limits of device before purchase.

Benchmark tests usually gives pretty much idea of how much you can push your device in terms of performance. Today we will take a look on the latest results of top 10 smartphones by AnTuTu.

No doubt, AnTuTu is currently one of the best benchmark suite available in the market. The results of Antutu will give you idea what to expect your device while doing the toughest job.

AnTuTu is known for a comprehensive approach that’s why they analyse the different parts of device and then finalize their score into one total. Antutu results are comprised of single- and multi-core performance, RAM performance and much more. Let’s have a look on the top 10 list by Antutu with their scores.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung 2015 dual edge display flagship is on top of the Antutu Benchmark test, Overall score awarded to GS6 Edge is 69019.

2. HTC One M9 

HTC’s 2015 flagship design wise was not much different from its predecessor but device hardware is quite worthy that it helps One M9 to stand on second place in top 10 according to AnTuTu score. Antutu awarded 56690 score to One M9.

3. Google Nexus 6

As expected Google last year flagship Nexus 6 is on third position thanks to its high end Specs and build quality. Nexus 6 was the first device from Google which is featuring all high end specs and despite of being six month old device is still among top three which is quite amazing. Antutu score of Nexus 6 is 49480.

4. Meizu MX4

Fourth position in top 10 is attained by Chinese manufacturer Meizu flagship MX4. This device Antutu score is 49154

5. Motorola DROID Turbo

Google owned Motorola flagship is on Fifth position. Droid Turbo specs are pretty enticing that’s why Antutu benchmark gives 48412 score to Droid Turbo.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Last year Samsung introduced first single edge display phablet Note edge, Device was released in limited number and yet to hit many Smartphones market. Success of Note Edge encouraged Samsung to release another dual edge display Smartphone along 2015 flagship GS6. Note edge Antutu score are 46284.

7. HTC Butterfly 2

Seventh position is once again for HTC Smartphone, HTC announced Butterfly 2 in 2014. Butterfly 2 was featuring 5 inches full HD display, Other Specs helps device to achieve 45570 AnTuTu score.

8. Motorola Moto X 2014

Motorola Moto X was also announced in 2014. Moto X accomplished AnTuTu Benchmark with 44511 score.  

9. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Only Sony smartphone in top 10 is Xperia Z3 compact, this device was the compact version of flagship Xperia Z3. Antutu Benchmark score of this device is 43911.

10. Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the third Samsung smartphone in top 10. Galaxy Alpha was the game changer because Galaxy Alpha series Smartphone were featuring metal body which helps Samsung to introduce 2015 flagship with metal body. AnTuTu score for Galaxy Alpha is 42869.

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