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What To Expect From Apple’s Spring Forward Event On March 9th

Apple is holding an event tomorrow and it seems this will be one of the biggest event that Apple will be holding this year. Apple will not only unveil the information regarding the release of Apple watch but also regarding the new iOS update and MacBook.  

Apple will be holding the event in California at 1PM ET. Well thanks to earlier reports we know Apple Watch sport will be available with a price tag of $349 but how much higher it will go for higher variants.

According to a recent report from John Gruber, Apple Watch Prices will be between $700 to $1000. He suggests lower variant will be around $700 while higher variant will be over $1,000.

What will be the price tag for 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, this question is in everyone’s mind? Well John Gruber said price of this variant will be between $10,000 and $20,000. We can’t be sure about pricing of this variant but one thing is confirm that this variant will be one of the most expensive product Apple sells ever.

Apple already said that they will start releasing Apple watches in April.Tomorrow we can expect Apple will reveal the exact date, so that customers can know when pre-orders will begin and when they will get it.  

Apple will also introduce a new notebook. The new notebook will be new
MacBook line or a successor model of Air. According to 9to5Mac, Apple will be releasing a 12 inches display laptop, that will be thinner and smaller than the current 11 inch Apple Air.  

This Apple laptop will be having only two ports to keep it smaller. These two ports will be the new USB Type-C connector and headphone jack. Other prominent feature will be of this MacBook will be that it won’t have a fan. Apple will start shipping the new MacBook in April and June 2015.

That’s all from now, let’s wait few more hours to confirm the above mentioned details. Stay connected we will keep you updated as the event progress. 

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