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What You Can Expect From Apple In 2015

Cupertino giant Apple latest flagship is just seven months old but rumours of upcoming flagship from Apple start fluctuating.  In last few days we heard a lot of rumours about upcoming iPhone. 

I am sure main thing Apple fans are thinking about what exact name apple will be giving to its upcoming model before talking about its design.  As you all know Apple latest flagship devices were iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So we can expect next flagship might be released as S version. 

Like the predecessors of Apple iPhone there is always an S Series after the new IPhone. Like 3gs after 3g, 4s after 4 and 5s after 5. But Apple also astonished its fans by releasing Apple IPhone 5c after iPhone 5 along with iPhone 5S.

This year Apple might also launch an iPhone 6c along with flagship iPhone 6S. Just like iPhone 5c model released along iPhone 5s.  Apple announce its next iPhone usually in September of every year, same will be the case for this year devices too.

IPhone 6S concept features a new force touch technology. As per sources reports Apple iPhone 6S designing is very much inspired by Apple Watch design. Reports further suggests in new iPhone 6S Apple is going to use a new lens for its camera. Many Apple fans complain about mid-range iPhone camera in terms of Mega pixels.

It seems this year Apple is going to solve the camera problem as well.  The new camera will make the picture quality very much similar to DSLR.  Latest iPhone will be having latest iOS 9. Apple will be announcing beta version of iOS 9 in summers.

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