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Cyanogen 12 Roll out for OnePlus One users begins today

The One Plus home-based Oxygen OS is ready but Cyanogen just announced that they started rolling out Cyanogen 12 for all OnePlus One users. Interestingly, Cyanogen underlined the world “all” when they mentioned they will be updating all OnePlus One devices. This means OnePlus owners in India can also expect this update who are currently on Android 5.0.

The main motivation behind OnePlus to speed up the latest Oxygen OS development was the company’s exclusive deal with Micromax in India. In India New Delhi court initially banned OnePlus One for selling their flagship device against the Cyanogen driven Yu handsets but later on court reversed its decision because Yu device are entry level Smartphones while OnePlus One was the company’s flagship variant with high end specs.

The latest Cyanogen 12 includes couple of new features including an App theme that will allow user to set different themes for apps. OnePlus One users can set a special them for a special app from free and paid themes provided by Cyanogen.

The latest ROM from Cyanogen also includes a new email feature known as "sweet benefits" that allows user to integrate their multiple accounts and also support for pre written replies that will speed up the response.

Well if you own OnePlus One, then get ready to receive a notification regarding the latest Cyanogen 12 update for your device.

source: Cyanogen

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