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Difference between IOS 8.3 and its latest update IOS 8.4

Apple recently released its new iOS 8.4 update. Apple release major updates with its new Smartphone, for this year Apple iPhone 6s is expected in September.The current iOS 8 was released along with Apple’s latest flagship devices, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Apple’s latest software iOS 8 was released in September 2014 and many users had complained regarding a lot of small bugs in the iOS. In order to solve these bugs Apple released a bug fix version iOS 8.1.

The iOS 8.1 fixed many bugs which many Apple users were complaining in IOS 8. Along with the fixing of bugs IOS 8.1 also provided Apple Pay to iPhone 6 and 6 plus users.

But the story doesn't ends here. In February 2015 Apple releases IOS 8.3 Beta to public. After few weeks Apple released a new version of IOS 8 in a typical way.

Many people thought that IOS 8.3 will be the last update to iOS 8 software. But Apple proved that wrong by releasing fourth iterative version of iOS 8.

IOS 8.3 had almost 300 new emoji’s for its users but IOS 8.4 has increased the number of emojis and also the user interface for emojis changed. Apple also improved the keyboard in iOS 8.4.

Many users of iPhone liked the new improvements of keyboard in IOS 8.4. As the IOS 8.3 keyboard was little bit congested and the space button was also smaller. Many people faced difficulties while typing. So the latest IOS 8.4 keyboard is wide and space button is also improved and bigger and there is much bigger space now between the words, which works superbly.

IOS 8.4 emoji’s are under the single tab and it is much easier to scroll through all of the emojies under single head. So in short we can say that IOS 8.4 Update is much improved in terms of keyboard than its predecessors.

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