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Google might release Nexus 5 2015 version this year

Google 2014 flagship was manufactured by Motorola. Last year Google brought major changes in its well-known Nexus lineup. Nexus 6 was the first Nexus smartphone which was not pocket friendly but its high price was justified because of its high end specs as compared to its predecessors.

Second change in Nexus 6 was the first Nexus phablet smartphone with display above 5.5 inches. On launch of Nexus 6 many customers appreciated Google’s effort whereas many dislike it because of its high end price tag like most of its competitors. On the other hand Google 2013 flagship Nexus 5 was still popular even after release of Nexus 6.

During the Mobile World Congress we have rumours that Google will be releasing two flagship this year, one will be developed by Huawei while second will be manufactured by LG.

Initially we have speculated rumours that Google might release a 2014 version of Nexus 5 but these rumours were not accurate instead based on speculations. Now we have reports that Google is planning to release a 2015 model of its 2013 flagship and most popular Nexus smartphone.

Yes, what you read is correct because a recent Project Fi video showed off a resembled to 2013 flagship Nexus 5 front panel.  Project Fi is the Google own mobile phone network for US customers. Using this service user’s device switches between cellular network and WI-FI network to limit the data usage which eventually will cut down the user phone bills. So far this service is only compatible with latest Nexus 6 smartphones.

The mysterious device shown in the video also give us clue that next Nexus will be compatible with Project Fi. It seems this mysterious Nexus device in the video is from Huawei. LG might release second Nexus smartphone of 2015.

So far nothing is official, we will recommend you to take these rumours with pinch of salt. Do share your thoughts regarding the next Nexus with our readers below.

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