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LG displays F1.8 camera for the upcoming flagship G4

Korean giant manufacturer LG is using the same tactics that was used by HTC last year. Last year HTC revealed few specs of One M8 though teaser videos and this year LG is following strategy of revealing specs of upcoming flagship G4 which surely raises the hype waves.

Recently LG unveiled its new UX 4.0 Interface and soon after that they also officially announced new UX 4.0 will debut on upcoming G4. Today LG followed up the UI teaser by new camera teaser. Frankly today LG didn’t revealed much details but Korean giant focuses on F1.8-wide aperture. Recently announced Samsung Galaxy S6 is featuring F1.9 aperture, it gives pretty good idea of what we can expect from LG G4 F1.8-wide aperture camera.

The F1.8-wide aperture will enhance the photo quality and also improve the light absorption. LG G4 is expected with 16MP camera but latest details from LG clears that G4 supports much larger lens than its predecessor.  

Well LG strategy of leaking specs one by one is going pretty good because fans enthusiasm is increasing day by day. LG will be unveiling its flagship G4 on April 28th, So LG fans won’t have to wait long enough to grab this device.

Source: LG Mobile

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