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LG G4 Allegedly priced higher than the Galaxy S6

LG G4 media event is just around the corner, with each passing day we have more details regarding the upcoming flagship. So far we have reports and leaks regarding specs, design and user interface of device but we don’t have any clue regarding the price tag of the device. But today we have reports from South Korean media which suggests LG G4 price tag in Korea will be between price tag of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.  

In South Korean market Galaxy S6 32GB variant is available for $795 USD while Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB variant is available for $910 USD. Korean carriers SK Telecom and KT are taking pre-orders of 32GB G4 for $825. Many LG fans are surprised to see the high price tag for LG G4 in South Korea.   

Korea's Economic Times mentioned that although price tag for G4 is not set in stone but for sure 32GB G4 price tag will be higher than Samsung GS6. The reason behind this high price is LG wanted its customers to consider G4 as a premium smartphone like GS6 and GS6 Edge.

Well for LG keeping high price for its premium device above GS6 won’t be easy because Samsung GS6 is considered as the best device ever produced by Korean giant and LG buyers might not be ready to pay 30$ more for G4 than GS6.

We should expect more details about pricing in just few days, Price tag for other countries including USA is yet to reveal. Stay connected because LG G4 will be official on upcoming Tuesday.

Source: ETNews
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