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Samsung 2016 Smartphones will be featuring Dual Cameras

Samsung recently held an earnings report meeting in Seoul, South Korea. According to report Korean giant earned a 60.8 billion won profit in first quarter of 2015. This increase in profit is nearly 303% percent more than last year profit. The main reason behind this whopping increase in profits is high demand of Samsung manufactured Smartphone components including 16MP camera with OIS.

Samsung not only revealed its operating profits but also spilled the beans on their future plans for upcoming years, so they can further differentiate their smartphones products from competition. Interestingly Korean giant Sammy is allegedly working on a dual camera setup for the next year and company intends to use this dual camera setup in couple of next year Smartphones models. 

During the Electro-Mechanics earnings report of Samsung, they revealed about a new camera technologies for the upcoming year. Having a high end camera is a first must for a flagship device to be successful. Nearly all companies try to provide their customers with high end camera, Samsung intention of dual camera setup will surely differentiate their product from the rivalry.  
Samsung flagships in 2014 faced a stiff competition from other Android manufacturer’s flagships that’s why company is well aware of strong competition. Samsung wanted its 2016 flagships camera as a main differentiator from the rival devices.  
Samsung dual camera sensors prototype is in works and will complete in second half of this year. Final product will be ready for market in first half of 2016. So far HTC tries dual camera setup but company was not successful that’s why they have no longer interest in doing this again.
However a dual-camera can provide a couple of improvements including better image quality, higher zooming, back light improvement and fast speed for capturing photos.
Do you think Samsung intention to release a dual-camera set-up smartphone in 2016 will be a wise move or not?

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