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Samsung Will Be Manufacturing Apple's A9 chipset

In last few weeks, there been a lot of buzz who would be manufacturing Apple’s A9 chipset which will be powering Apple’s 2015 flagship smartphones and iPad line-up. Up till now we have rumours of three giants manufacturers Global Foundries, TSMC and Samsung of being the manufacturer of Apple’s new SOC.

Well Bloomberg revealed that Korean giant Samsung has won the order deal of manufacturing A9 chipset. Additional order of A9 will be given to Global Foundries which is once again partner of Samsung.

It’s unfortunate for TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) for not securing any order from Apple this year. In 2013 TSMC got the order of producing most Apple A8 chips.  

Samsung latest Exynos 7420 chipset is made on a 14nm process, so we can expect Apple’s upcoming A9 chips will also be manufactured on the same 14nm process. The latest A9 chips will be more efficient than A8 chips because these chips are made of 20nm.

Samsung will start manufacturing A9 chips at the Giheung plant in South Korea. Although it’s not clear when mass production will start but we can expect soon because Apple will be unveiling its flagship in September this year.

source: Bloomberg 

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