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What Concept Builder Expect From HTC One M10 In 2016

HTC unveiled its flagship One M9, couple of weeks ago but many HTC fans are not happy because overall look of new One M9 is quite similar to last year One M8. Well many HTC fans wanted HTC should ditch its iconic look for a new aspiring look. 

Concept builders always love to build new upcoming device, soon after announcement of device concept builders’ start rendering devices for next year. Same is the case with Jermaine rendered a beautiful design of next year flagship One M10.

The HTC One M10 design render by Jermaine is exactly on HTC design pattern of unibody but with Gorilla Glass. Device got all guts to be top shelf Android smartphone of the next year. If HTC wanted to manufacture a smartphone with a mixture of its own identity and a bit look of others (Samsung and Apple flagship) then this design would be it.


We have to appreciate the good work done by concept renderer. It’s obvious builder done quite a bit of work to render this beautiful design. Builder added a USB Type C jack on the bottom along with 3.5mm jack. Volume button are on the top left side while power key is on right side. 

Concept builder also done a beautiful video on M10 concept, Let's have a look on the video below.

Do Share your thoughts below regarding the One M10 concept design. Would you like to see a new design from HTC in 2016?


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  1. please share the video profited with it. took a lot of work

    1. JERMAINE SMIT article updated with video


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