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What Concept Builder Expect From Android 6.0 Muffin

Up till now Google released 12 main versions of its Android OS. First Android version was announced as Android 1.0 Alpha, second was released as Android 2.0 Beta, third was Android 1.5 Cupcake and fourth was Android 1.6 Donut and the latest one was Android Lollipop.

I am sure, like many of others you also noticed that all versions of Google have a relationship. Well this relationship is not just names of sweets for every major update but with each iteration Google has used an alphabetical order. After KitKat, next iteration was released as Android Lollipop, it seems we can guarantee one thing that next version name will start with alphabet “M”.

Let’s suppose, Google might release next Android update as Muffin.  We can speculate Muffin as one possibility because Muffins are widely appreciated across the globe.

We have a concept video premeditated by Vladislav Vitula which can give us a look what concept builder is expecting from next Android version if it is released as Android 6.0 Muffin. He also dreams up couple of new features including quick reply and multi window features.

Currently Samsung and LG are offering this multi window feature on some devices. With this feature users can run two apps side by side which increase the speed of multitasking by doing task simultaneously.

With Quick reply feature, users can reply notifications straight away from notification bar. Designer likes the latest Material design and he depicts it in video as well. Do share your views regarding the Android 6.0 muffins below.

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