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Android M Expected Roll out Time for Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony & Motorola

Google announces the first Beta version of Android M yesterday, since then every Android user is keen to know when their device will be getting Android M. Google mentioned that at I/O 2015 they are partnering with over 400 different OEMs. Every OEM has their own strategy of releasing software update. Today we will try to predict about update releasing schedule of Android M based on the schedule of last year Android L.

Two things are confirm regarding the final release of Android  M, first is its final release will be in 3rd quarter of the year and second thing is it won’t be in July which means Google has two month August and September. September release is most probable because next Nexus is also expected at that time.

So far only HTC is only manufacturer who promised that they will be rolling out Android M for One M9 and M9 Plus. Last year HTC announced earlier that they will be releasing Android L within 90 days but at the end company extended the time window, this time company didn’t announced regarding the exact time.

This year once again it seems Motorola devices will be the first non-Nexus devices to have the latest Android. So far Motorola has superb track record and their final UI is quite near to stock version Android UI.

Big giants Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony will require more time to start rolling out update, so we can expect aforementioned companies will start rolling out OTA in late December or in first half of January 2016. This means current flagships Samsung GS6, HTC One M9, LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z4 won’t be getting Android M update before December this year.

Last year Android L was released back in November, let’s have a look on chart when companies roll out Android Lollipop for their flagships. Sony was the last company to release the update for their flagships.

On the other hand Samsung and LG both roll out Android Lollipop for their flagships with in two months of announcement which shows Samsung and LG are ardent to update their flagships soon after announcement.  HTC might again stick to its 90 days release plan.

We will be updating you as soon as some more news regarding the matter hit out panel. 
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