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Android M Most Probable New Features

Google is very near to announce the next iteration of Android OS. Google will be announcing Beta version of Android at the 2015 I/O event. This version will be released as Android M. Final version of update will be released in second half of the year along with a flagship Nexus device. Most probably this device will be Nexus smartphone.

Recently, we have news that Google is internally mentioning this update as Macadamia Nut Cookie, as announcement is just around the corner so now is the perfect time to have a look on what will be the main focus of Android M.

Android M will also concentrate on the power efficiency, the project Volta will not end with Android Lollipop, it seems Google wants to further improve the battery life of device running the latest Android M.

Second focused feature of Android M will be the efficient usage of RAM, Google would like to reduce the RAM usage when device display is off and also reducing the location authorizations which increase the usage of RAM.  

The next iteration of Android will also solve the memory leak issues of Android Lollipop. If Android M can solve the issues of excessive usage of RAM while not using device then its sounds pretty good for a new version of Android OS.

Sony introduced Xperia Stamina Mode which is well appreciated by customers and experts because it saves the battery life and also didn't affect the overall User experience. Do share your thoughts below regarding the features of Android M. 

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