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Google codenamed Android M as Macadamia Nut Cookie

Google 2015 I/O event will start in couple of days, We are certainly getting closer to the announcement of the next iteration of world most famous Android OS. By following the Google typical way of naming next iteration of Android, we know that next iteration name with start with alphabet “M”. 

Although many Android users are still waiting for the current version Android Lollipop but Google can’t afford to wait for all manufacturers to turn their devices on current OS. As far as name of next version of Android is concern, Google is internally referring the next version of Android as Macadamia Nut Cookie, we can call it as MNC.

We have seen this name spotted in number of code cyphers in AOSP. I am sure like us, you are also keen to know what does this mean but so far we are also in dark. Well Google usually release its major Android versions with three word code names. Android 4.4 KitKat was released under the codename of Key Lime Pie.

The latest Android Lollipop was released as Lemon Meringue Pie. You don’t have to remember above mention name as final version name because Google never released the final version of OS with the real name same like codename. So we don’t have to worry for the next Android M as well.

Last year Google announced the 2014 major update as Android L at its I/O 2014 event. Before final version announcement in November Beta version was known as Android L. We are sure same will be the case for this year Android M, latest Android M beta version will not get the final dessert-related name until Google release it in fourth quarter of 2015.

Do share name of your favourite candidate among Muffin, Milkshake and Marshmallow?

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