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Google model device might be the next Nexus

Google unveiled the Beta version of Android M, the new update is bringing significant improvements in five fields. These areas are fingerprint native support, mobile payment, application permission, improved battery life and web UI.

Interestingly, Google showed a mock up device during unveiling of Android M. There are fair chances this device might be a hint what we can expect from next Nexus in 2015. Google used this mock-up to mention the USB Type C connector which speed-up the charging process. Device shown in mock up is quite similar to the 2013 flagship Nexus 5.

LG manufactured Nexus 5 back in 2013, this device was one of the top selling and best received Nexus smartphone. Google discontinued this device and we have rumours that LG is once again in works to manufacturer the Nexus 5 successor.  

Currently Nexus 6 is the only Nexus smartphone available in the market but this device is of phablet niche. We can hope that this device might become inspiration for the design of Nexus 5 successor.

What do you think regarding the mock up device share your thoughts below?

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