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Google Will Be Announcing Android M At I/0 2015

Google usually announce its new Android Version with its Nexus hardware device but last year search engine giant revealed Android L Beta version at the Google I/o event which later on was released with Nexus 6 as Android Lollipop.

Google released the schedule of 2015 I/O Event and also posted about a session named as "Android for Work”. Description of the event throw light on how Android M will bring the power of Android on all kind of workplaces.

I am sure, many Android lovers will be terribly excited but we should not expect more than a small bite of new version of Android OS to sharpen Android lover’s appetite. As recent report suggests Google latest Android Lollipop is currently powering only 10 % of entire Android Clan.

Google surely will be giving some hints what upcoming Android M will do but final version name will remain in dark until final release. Last year Google took three months to unveil Android Lollipop after announcing its Beta version.

We recently shared that Google mightrelease its next Android version as Muffin but we have to wait few more weeks to confirm what Google is planning regarding Android M final name. Google 2015 I/O event will start on May 28th and will end of May 29th in San Francisco.  

Source: Google 

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