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LG's manufactured Next Nexus codenamed as "Bullhead"

The rumours of two Nexus smartphones from LG and Huawei are surely most entertaining rumours circulating in smartphone industry. With each passing day we have new news which once again pour new fuel to rumours of 2015 nexus smartphones. Today what we have got will surely blow your mind.

An open source Android project refers to unknown smartphone manufactured by LG among the other Nexus smartphones. This device is codenamed as “Bullhead”.

Back in 2013, LG manufactured the 2013 flagship Nexus 5. Rumours in 2013 suggested that LG codenamed Nexus 5 as "Hammerhead".  So the new mysterious LG device codename gives idea that device might be released as direct successor of Nexus 5. In this case we can expect Nexus 2015 with 5.2 inches display, powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 processor with 3 GB of RAM and gigantic 2700mAh battery.

Now where Huawei manufactured Nexus rumours fit inside the picture, although we don’t have official confirmation from both companies but rumours suggests Huawei will be manufacturing the phablet Nexus 6 successor with 5.7 inches display. Device will be powered by Qualcomm’s snapdragon 810 processor with 3GB of RAM. To power up the display a 3500mAh battery will be available.  Rumoured codename of this device is "Angler".

Both devices release pegged for second half of the year, most probably in fourth quarter which means we can expect more rumours regarding the both devices will continue to flow until rumoured October launch.   

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