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Top 3 Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask About Mobile Home Security

Mobile-integrated monitoring gives you a window into your home wherever you are, providing constant surveillance and recording capabilities that help keep your possessions and loved ones safe while you’re away from home. Mobile-integrated home security is a relatively new solution, and many home owners believe the process is long, expensive and heavily involved.

On the contrary, implementing a modern home security system that enables offsite owner monitoring is simpler than ever, and all you need is the right software and equipment. A versatile overall choice is the relatively inexpensive indoor/outdoor Netgear ARLO system, and HarveyNorman has the Netgear ARLO available for immediate delivery.

Indoor or Outdoor?

While some home owners employ both in an effort to create a seamless home security network, most elect for one or the other due to the expense involved. Outdoor setup is typically more expensive due to the lack of power and Internet access sources, but can be worth the investment for home owners with specific needs.

If you decide on an outdoor system, be sure your local laws allow you to record video from the perspective you’ve chosen, as even an inadvertent view of a neighbour's yard or house can lead to serious legal complications.

How’s the App?

With mobile-integrated home security, thequality of the mobile app is everything. 

Look for features such as status reports to keep you informed of any activity at your home and integrated law enforcement alerts to quickly inform the authorities when there is an issue at your address.

What Features Do I Need?

Home security equipment can be quite expensive, especially when attempting to simply purchase the best of everything, and so knowing the exact features you’re in the market for can help you get the most possible bang for your buck.

For example, if you know the chief appeal of a home security system for you is the live monitoring capability, there’s no use in investing in a security camera boasting hours of recording time and if your system is intended to safeguard valuables, you may want to consider a more comprehensive option. Be sure to identify and consider your own security needs before investing in any mobile-integrated home surveillance equipment.

The advent of widespread high-speed Internet means more and more homes are discovering mobile-integrated monitoring as a viable, relatively low-cost option for home security. Mobile-integrated monitoring provides home owners with more peace of mind than ever before by allowing them to keep a watchful eye on the people and things they treasure most even while they are away from home.

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