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Top 5 Things We Can Expect From Android M 6.0

Google releases new version of its Android OS yearly, each version of latest Android receive at least 3 subsequent updates. These subsequent updates are usually bug fixes and security patches.
Security was the main issue of Android OS before release of Android KitKat. A recent report suggests that nearly 10% Android users are currently on the latest Lollipop. Last year Google announced Beta version of Android L back in June and for this year once again search engine is planning to release the Android M at the 2015 I/O event.
As Beta version announcement is just around the corner it’s time for us to tell our readers what they can expect from upcoming Android M?
1: More Materialistic Design
The current version of Android is Lollipop, this version brings major overhaul in terms of design of Android OS. Google named this design as material design, so we can expect next version Android M will be bringing more materialistic design.
First benefit of improved design will be more non Android users will be attracted to use the latest Android M. Second recently Cyanogen challenged Google Android open structure by stating it’s not being used intelligently.
Although competition between Cyanogen and Paranoid community holds at a far away distance but still Google will try to provide a better design so that custom ROM users should go for the official ROM.
2: Security
As mentioned above security was the big concern for Google Android users before KitKat but still with each new iteration Google tries to address the security concerns. The latest Android 5.1 is providing a new device protection feature which will lock the device in case of stolen, only owner can unlock the device by signing into their Google account. 
Before Android KitKat many users prefer iOS because of its security but now Google priority of bringing security once again allows Android enter into the race of providing security for their users.
Although there are still few security flaws but being an Open Source platform Android improved much in terms of providing security. 
3: Improved Process Manager
We are hearing from last few days, Google is expected will be bringing a new option of processor managing like the Windows.
As nothing is official from Google that’s why we can’t guarantee whether Google will be providing new options for managing process or not.
4: Bloated Apps Removal
We have seen many Android users complaining regarding the bloat apps present in the devices.
The upcoming Android M is expected will be limiting this bloatware apps while some developers are suggesting Google might introduce a new debloatware app which will allow user to remove the apps that they felt redundant.
5: Android Pay Incorporation
Last but not the least, Google recently introduced a new online pay feature as Android Pay. This feature went viral because so far only Apple is providing pay feature in selected countries. So far Android Pay is the major feature expected will be debuted with Android 6.0, so that Android user can enjoy features like Apple Pay.
Do share your thoughts on the upcoming Android M so that other readers could know what Android users are expecting from Android M.
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