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When You Can Expect Next Nexus Announcement

All big giants flagship Smartphones expected in first half of the year are announced but one question in every Google Nexus fan mind is when they can expect Nexus in 2015. Today we will try to guess the release time by looking into the Google releasing history of Nexus smartphone.

First of all, One thing is confirmed that next Nexus smartphone will be released in third quarter because last three Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 was launched in Q3. From look of things it seems Google will stick to this pattern by releasing next Nexus in Q3 of 2015.

With every new Nexus smartphone, stature of Nexus handset have grown and we can claim Nexus smartphones as iPhone of Android market. The reason behind increasing Google Nexus fanship with each device is timely updates from Google and affordable price tag.

Google didn't reveal anything about sales of last year flagship Nexus 6 but 2013 flagship Nexus was sold in solid numbers which allows Google to take an aggressive approach by releasing Nexus 6 through more carriers and devices were available for shipment readily. We can expect same kind of approach for this year next Nexus too.
Recently we have reports that Google will be releasing Beta version of Android M at the upcoming I/O event while the final version will be released with next Nexus in the mid of September. Last year Android Lollipop Beta version was released back in June 2014 where as the final version was released in September along with Nexus 6.

We probably will get a decent amount of lead in upcoming weeks, stay connected to know more.

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