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Android Lollipop is now powering 12.2% of Android Devices

Android Lollipop is gaining ground from Android KitKat, According to latest fragmentation of Android by Google nearly 12.2 % Android users are now on latest Android Lollipop.  This data is comprised of all Android devices which access the Play store till 1st June 2015.

Last month fragmentation shows Android Lollipop was around 10% but this is first time when Lollipop crossed the 10% hallmark. Only 0.8% Android users are on Android 5.1 which are mainly Nexus users. We can expect this trend will change over the progression of next few months.

Android Lollipop first version 5.0 is the most popular version with a share of 11.6%. On the other hand Android KitKat is still the most popular Android OS version with a gigantic share of 39.2% in the whole Android Pie. Second position is attained by Android Jelly bean with 37.4% share.

Source: Google

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