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Android M vs Android Lollipop: Key UI Differences

Google recently unveiled a new version of Android OS at I/O 2015. This year version is released as Android M. Android M final version release will be in fall this year. Google stated that there will be three updates to Android M before the announcement of next major update.  

Since the announcement of Android M, many Android fans are keen to know what are the key differences in UI of latest Android M and last year Android Lollipop. We have a side by side UI comparison of both Android Lollipop and Android M developer version. Which will surely give a sneak peak view of the differences among UI of both versions.

On unveiling, Google mentioned that this update is mostly focused on the UI. Although Android M is not bringing a whole new UI but still update is bringing the couple of tweaks in UI. Many features are completely revamped design where as many has nips.

Some Apps are now having extra functionalities which, as a result, changes into the underlying compartment. Completely changed UI are of Application menu and widgets menu. We can’t claim the changes in new UI feels good or not, but you can take a look and share your views below. Android Lollipop is on the left side where as Android M is on the right side. 

1. Lock screen

2. App Menu

3. Notifications panel


4. Widgets panel

5. Calculator

6. New contact

7. Settings

8. UI tuner

9. Sounds

10. Android Pay

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