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HTC will be announcing new flagship "Hero" in October

HTC is in trouble since the launch of One M9 because sales of latest flagship are much lower than Taiwanese manufacturer was expecting. HTC was expecting One M9 will repeat the success story of One M8 but unfortunately sales were not up to hopes. Today HTC ceo Cher Wang apologizes at annual shareholders meeting from company shareholders for the tumbling of stock price.

He is not losing hope but he is confident that company’s stock value will revive soon and he asked shareholders that they should meet again in October because company is getting ready to release a new flagship soon which he mentioned as a "hero" device.

Although details of this device are still in dark but one thing is confirm company will surely release a solid device to regain its success track. This device won’t be replacing One M9 but will be available alongside current flagship.

Cher Wang further said that they will be introducing a completely revamped flagship in next year, so we can expect a new design next year flagship which surely will attract HTC fans once again.  

Source: Taipei Times

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