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Nexus 5 powered by Android M Standby time increases 2.7%

Google latest Android M is bringing number of new features, one of them is Doze. This feature is activated when user device is inactive for a specific period of time. When Doze feature is active device will go into a deeper sleep than normal and as a result standby time of device increases more than double.

If user pick up the device, Doze will disable automatically and all function which are halted due to sleep will work again normally.  Android M is also providing a new feature which is App Standby, with this feature one your device is unplugged, and apps will become inactive and will not receive network support.

Once user plug device, the apps will automatically start receiving network support. Both Doze and App Standby feature will be enhancing the battery life of device on standby mode.

To check how much is the difference between battery life of Nexus device powered by Android Lollipop and Android M. A Nexus 5 is loaded with the latest Android M developer preview version and was compared against Nexus 5 powered by Android 5.1.1.  Both devices remains 8 hours in standby and result shows Nexus 5 with Android M consumes only 1.5% battery where as Nexus 5 with Android 5.1.1 consumes 4% of battery.

After 24 hours in standby Nexus 5 with Lollipop consumes 12 % battery, On the other hand Android M powered device consumes only 4.5% battery. These results shows Android M is increasing Standby time of stock Android device nearly 2.7% more than Android Lollipop powered device.

This will surely excite Android fans who are waiting eagerly to see the final version of Android M.


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