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OnePlus delayed Android 5.1 Oxygen OS till the OnePlus 2 launching

Couple of days ago OnePlus officially announces a $50 discount on their 2014 flagship. Well company not only announced a discount but also added a Dropbox Pro bundle for free. Every OnePlus One owners wants to know when company is going to roll out Android 5.1 update.

Today company stated that users on CM will soon get Android 5.1 where as Oxygen OS users will have to wait for the launch of OnePlus 2. As we all know that OnePlus One was initially powered by Cyanogen OS but after few month relationship between both companies ended. Soon after ending of partnership OnePlus start building their custom OS and in April first version of Oxygen OS launched.  

As for this year flagship OnePlus 2 Cyanogen seems to be out of picture and manufacturer already stated that they are focusing to build a stable and better version of their Oxygen OS. Few customers reported issues of touch Screen Company assure a fix update for the users facing this issue.  

OnePlus 2 launch is expected in third quarter of this year, it seems OnePlus One users will have to wait at least one quarter for the update.  Although Android 5.1 is focused on bug fixes but this doesn't means update is not worth updating. Good news for those OnePlus One users who are still running the Cyanogen’s OS they will be getting the CM 12.1 pretty soon.

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