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Top 5 advantages Android has over Apple iOS

For years, Apple has seemingly held a monopoly on the smartphone. The slick design and revolutionary technology has put the company firmly on the vanguard of OS development and consumers have flocked to get their hands on the latest Apple goodies. With the iPhone standing as the company’s most popular product, it’s hardly surprising that Apple’s biggest competitor, Android, can sometimes be overlooked. 

Especially amidst the excessive and carefully orchestrated marketing of the ‘iPhone hype’ that is currently gripping mainstream culture. However, despite the Apple brand’s strong consumer presence there are many aspects of Android phones that far outshine Apple’s wonder creation.

1. Choice of Apps

One of Androids greatest strength is the vast array of choice it offers. Google Play far surpasses Apple’s App Store in quantity, as it allows developers to produce applications with minimal scrutiny and regulations. 

Alongside this, many more apps are free via the android service as it markets itself to a much broader audience and relies on advertising revenue and in-app purchases rather than aiming for the exclusivity and highbrow reputation of the iPhone.

2. Choice of Distributors & Developers

Not only does it offer a greater range of apps, with Android you aren’t restricted to getting your software from one place. Unlike Apple, Android allows apps to be hosted externally from the Play Store, meaning you can find them anywhere: from renowned retail outlets such as Amazon to smaller independent distributors such as 9apps and Mobogenie

The competition between providers prevents a monopoly on Android apps and is part of the reason many of the apps remain free or very low in price.

It is worth noting that when purchasing or downloading anything over a mobile device, it is highly recommended you 
use a good VPN to provide you with greater security online and to protect your personal details. 

Smartphones are vulnerable to hackers and other dangers of public and unsecured Wi-Fi. A VPN will encrypt your connection, thus all a hacker can see is a bunch of useless, jumbled data. Whether you choose the Apple or the Droid, keep your device protected.

3. Freedom of aesthetics and file organization

As well as allowing a greater freedom and range in regards to applications, the Android operating system also has its advantages when it comes personalizing your phone.

Not only does it give you complete freedom in editing the look of the GUI, allowing you to change almost every aspect of the interface to suit your own personal needs and style, it also lets you move files around freely without the need for middle-men applications such as iTunes – as it the case with iOS. 

This means you can customize your phone to work, look and sound exactly like you want it, with a surprising amount of ease.

4. Choice of Hardware

Alongside the clear software benefits, Android far surpasses Apple in its range of hardware. Whereas iOS users are limited to the substantial financial commitment of purchasing an iPhone, Android is used on a wide variety of models with a highly varied range of functions and prices. 

This, again, allows users greater freedom and the ability to customise their smartphone experience in order to tailor it to their needs:  something that, as our phones become increasingly essential in supporting our ever hectic lifestyles, is an undeniable benefit!

5. Freedom of Open Source

Finally, and perhaps most notably for the tech savvy among us, Android is an open source operating system. With all the controversy surrounding the moral implications of the freedom to develop operating software, many users have been disheartened by Apples closed approach. 

The Android system allows for the creation of bespoke devices, meaning anyone - from big companies to bedroom hackers - can edit the system to improve the way it works for them. This not only allows the individual a greater creative freedom but also creates a community of development that benefits all users.

Overall, Android thrives in the one thing that iOS is lacking:  freedom. The freedom to buy, create and edit a smartphone experience that is as unique as the person using it.

The world today has so much variety that no one-size-fits-all phone could ever really lead the market. Android understands that we are all individuals and has created an operating system that is easily adaptable in every facet and allows us to have a phone that we really feel is our own. 

About the Guest Author: 
This article was written by Caroline, a technology enthusiast and blogger. She enjoys writing about all kinds of technology, gadgets and apps. You can connect with her via Google+

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