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Android M Developer Preview 2 brings a dedicated memory manager

The Android M second developer preview is just released, well as promised by the tech giant, the new version is bringing a couple of new improvements as compared to the first version of the developer preview.  

First major improvement in this version is the new memory Management system. This new MMS (Memory Management system) looks a bit like Lollipop because of its vertical scrolling in the App menu. 

It’s pretty important to see how this MMS will work because many Android Lollipop users complain about the memory leakage issue which results into memory extension and drainage of the battery.

In this Android M version, there is a special section in the setting menu which allows user to see how much memory a specific app is using at all time, not only when App is running but also when it is in standby mode.

What do you think regarding the dedicated section of Memory management in setting Menu?

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