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OnePlus 2 Review: All You Need To Know

OnePlus has made a huge impact on Smartphone industry within a year. Last year they announced their first flagship smartphone with maneuvering of a “flagship killer”. This device was packed with all high -end hardware specs, but the price tag was very affordable. OnePlus announced their first flagship with all high-end specs at a price tag of $300. 

This device offers endless opportunities of customization to its customers. Although the device was packed with all high-end specs and affordable price tag, but it was not an easy task to buy the OnePlus One. As being the first smartphone of the company, they introduced invitation system to reduce the cost price of the device. 

The main aim behind this controversial inventory system was company wants to sell the device without putting it on the shelf. Within one year, OnePlus emerged as one of the known flagship smartphone manufacturer in the world. For this year, they was teasing the next flagship killer for last few days and today finally wait is over and OnePlus 2 is official.  The OnePlus 2 is announced in a world’s first VR launch. Let’s have a look what OnePlus 2 is offering to its customers. 
As expected, the OnePlus 2 is completely revamped in terms of overall design. The build material for this year flagship killer is a magnesium and aluminum alloy which keeps the device weight in plaid. Build material gives device premium look. 

The home button and fingerprint scanner on the bottom is escorted by two capacitive buttons. Speakers are also leaning along the bottom side. The headphone jack is on the top. The right side of the device is featuring volume rocker and lock buttons. 
There is a new “alert slider” button on the left side which allows user quick switching and also made it easy to the silent device in an urgency. The OnePlus 2 is dual-SIM Smartphone. 
The OnePlus2 is featuring a full HD 5.5-inch inches display with a screen resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. The reason behind not including latest panel is they put a significant burden on system and battery. 

The manufacturer claimed that OnePlus 2 full HD display will provide a high-quality display experience to its users, Panel is bright enough to provide a good experience for outdoor usage. 
User Interface
The OnePlus 2 is packed with Oxygen OS 2.0. The new iteration is quite similar to stock Android and provides a clean overall appearance. The new OS provides a waste range of customization option without making device UI heavy. 

Users are offered with a number of different modes and icons packs for customization. If you like dark UI, you can change the white features of the material design with a bright color panel. 
Processor & Internal Storage
As earlier unveiled that OnePlus 2 will be powered by Qualcomm’s snapdragon 810 with 4GB of Ram. There are two variants on the basis of internal memory storage, you can purchase either 16GB variant or a 64GB variant. Both variants memory can’t be expanded via Micro-SD card.  
The OnePlus 2 is packed with a 13MP camera, although 13MP camera sensor is normal nowadays, but OnePlus added a larger 1.3-micron pixel sensor which will enhance the low-light performance of the camera. The camera performance will be further enhanced by laser-assisted autofocus and Optical image stabilization. 

Well, OnePlus not only depends on the camera but also introduces the new Super-Resolution Mode app which will process the image to 50MP resolution. To enhance video quality, slow motion mode is available which can capture video up to 120 fps. 
Price & Release 
According to OnePlus, the new flagship 16GB variant will be available for the price tag of $329 whereas 64GB variant will be sold at a price tag of $389. The OnePlus 2 will be released on August 11th for the China, US, India, Canada and the European Union customers. 
Final Verdict
The OnePlus 2 is offering nearly all high-end specs with an affordable price tag, but the device lacks NFC which might get the attention of those customers who wants to use Android Pay feature. 

The OnePlus also stated that they have to prove that their first flagship sales were not a fluke and that their next flagship OnePlus 2 will also have a big impact like its predecessor. With a price tag of $329, the OnePlus 2 seems like will be a flagship killer. We have to wait for the release to see how customers like OnePlus 2. 

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