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Google Nexus 6 prototype leak with a fingerprint scanner

Soon after the release of last year Google flagship Nexus 6, Motorola former head Dennis Woodside confirmed that device was initially equipped with the fingerprint scanner. Well, today a leak from China might help Nexus fans how Nexus 6 would look like after having the fingerprint scanner.

Motorola CEO confirmed that Nexus 6 fingerprint scanner was on the rear side, to be accurate the sensor was located near the Motorola monogram circle on the rear side. Let’s have a look how Nexus 6 would look with the fingerprint scanner.

The Motorola former CEO said that main reason behind removing fingerprint scanner from Nexus 6 was Apple bought the best fingerprint scanner supplier.

Even though this leak shows how the device would look with the scanner on board but didn’t mention the software which would allow Nexus 6 users to unlock the device and authorize online shopping. The Android Lollipop doesn’t have native support for the fingerprint scanner, In that case, Google would have to launch a new software pinch for this feature.

This year Android M is bringing native fingerprint scanner support along with a couple of new improvements. Since this year major update is bringing native support for the fingerprint scanner, there are fair chances that upcoming Next Nexus smartphones from Huawei and LG will have the fingerprint scanner on board.

Source: Weibo

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