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OnePlus 2 Release: What Customers Need To Know

Earlier this week OnePlus announced one of the most hyped smartphones of 2015. The OnePlus 2 is the second flagship from the company, but OnePlus fans and high-end specs make it a strong competitor of other flagships available in the market.
The OnePlus 2 is so successful that over 1 million buyers already signed up for the invitation to purchase device ahead of the official release day. As release day is getting closer it’s time to sum up what buyers need to know ahead of official release date.
The main aim of OnePlus is to provide customers a smartphone with all high-end specs like GS6 with a price tag nearly half of the Samsung’s flagship. The OnePlus 2 will be available for just $329 unlocked version.

Ahead of the official launch on July 27th, device specs were leaked and teased by the OnePlus.  The OnePlus is bringing all high-end specs and also offers customization for the rear side, all for an affordable price tag. Today OnePlus officially disclosed the impressive pre-order number of over 1 million, we can expect this time OnePlus has enough inventory and are ready to complete the pre-orders.
The OnePlus 2 is packed with a full HD 5.5 inches display panel with a wide range of options to change the rear side of the device, which gives the device a new look and fell. A 13MP camera with OIS and laser autofocus is available on the rear side. You can read our full review of OnePlus 2 by clicking the link below.
Well if you are interested in buying OnePlus 2, all you need is to use the OnePlus invite system. After sign-up for pre-order you have to wait for less than two weeks to get the device. Last year same invitation system was used by the company, but customers have to wait long because the company was out of inventory for weeks.
This won’t be the case for this time as OnePlus already promised that they have enough inventory to meet the demand of customers. The OnePlus2 official release date is August 11th. It remains to be seen how OnePlus will handle the pressure of high pre-orders optimistically company can deliver this time. 

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