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What If HTC manufacture Nexus 6 2015 version

Although Google last year flagship, Nexus 6 was one of the best top smartphones of last year but still the device was not as successful as Nexus 5. Nexus 6 was manufactured by Motorola. Initially many Google fans were disappointed because of the gigantic display of Nexus 6 and absence of Nexus smartphone with 5 inches display but later on many Nexus fans switched to Nexus 6. 

This year, we have rumours that Google will be announcing two flagships, One will be Nexus 6 successor from Huawei while second Nexus smartphone will be from LG and will be released as Nexus 5 successor.

Today we have pretty attractive design from Deviantart, who rendered a beautiful Nexus 6 if it is manufactured by HTC in 2015. I am sure on first look you will say that this design looks better than last Nexus 6. Concept builder shows the device is running Android Lollipop but has the design of typical HTC approach.

The device is featuring HTC’s BoomSound speakers, but these are singular style and are only on top of front side. The case of the device is of the unibody, rear metal looks glossy which looks pretty luring. It seems designer took design cues from HTC’s flagship M9 and Apple’s iPhone 6. 

Would you like to buy this new HTC Nexus Smartphone? Do share your comments below. 

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