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Samsung might release Ant Man variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung and Marvel's partnership is not new at all. Both companies had done a few things for each other. Samsung made a lot of gadgets for Marvel Avengers movies and in return Marvel also flagship the Korean giant logo in many frames. 

In recent past, Samsung released Avengers themed smileys which are available as pointers for Galaxy Note series S pen. This year Samsung released the Ironman edition of 2015 flagship Galaxy S6 Edge as a special edition.

Well, from recent rumours it seems Samsung and Marvel are looking forward to a new partnership. According to latest rumour from Chinese Blogosphere the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will also have a new superhero special edition.

This timing device won’t be inspired by Avengers cast but the instead device will have colored them and there will be a picture of Ant-Man on the rear side. We have to wait for official launch from Samsung to see why Samsung choose special character instead of releasing random characters variants.

Source: Weibo

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