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Android Lollipop is now powering 25.6% of Android Devices

As per the latest stats distribution of Android platform, latest Android Marshmallow made its first appearance on the chart as well as on the list. Of course, the latest Android 6.0 is being installed on very few devices which mostly comprises of Nexus lineup devices. Android KitKat is still the leading no 1 Android version this month with a 37.8% share. 

The Android KitKat was on 38.9% last month. The second position with 29% share is still occupied by Android Jelly Bean, it was on 30.2% last month. The Android Lollipop is on the third position with a slight increase from 23.5% to 25.6%.

The latest Android 6.0 is currently installed on 0.3% devices, but it’s quite impressive as Google started rolling out final version only a month ago. On the other hand, Android Lollipop on launch took few months before showing up on the list. Android Lollipop was on 1.6% when Google showed it up back in February this year.

Do share your views below regarding the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow progress in the first month. 

Source: Android platform distribution

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