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Top 6 things we can expect from Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy S6 is not a year old smartphone but still rumour mill starts generating rumours regarding the upcoming Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7. This time, we have reports that Samsung is working really hard to short the development framework of next Galaxy S flagship.

In Samsung homeland, this project is dubbed as Samsung's Project Lucky because in South Korea 7 is considered as a lucky number. Today we gathered all information regarding the Galaxy S7 which will give Samsung fans a sneak peek view of what they can expect from GS7.

During the last couple of days, we heard a lot about Galaxy S7 upgrades in camera, chipset and display size but today we will not only discuss those details but will also share some interesting delicacies that Galaxy S7 will be bringing to high-end Smartphone market.

The expected timeframe for the Galaxy S7 launch is January with a releasing date in February. Let’s have a look on key things what SAMY fans can expect from Galaxy S7.

1:  Magnesium-Glass Metal Body 

Samsung was not known for the metal body until Korean giant unveiled Galaxy S6. The upcoming flagship will be featuring a magnesium alloy body with a glass cover. It won’t be difficult for Samsung considering what we have on the 2015 flagship. As I mentioned above Samsung is also following the metal body trend which is the first must for a premium design.

2. Display

To predict regarding the Galaxy S7 display is not an easy task because rumours so far regarding the display are contradicting. We have a couple of reports suggesting Galaxy S7 flat display version will be of 5.2 inches whereas the one-sided curved display will be 5.5". On the other hand, we have rumours that flat display will be of 5.2 inches but the curved display will be of 5.7". We have to wait few more weeks to confirm the display size.

3. Processor & RAM

Up till now, majority leaks are regarding the chipset which will be powering the Galaxy S7. The next Galaxy S flagship will be powered by Samsung’s Octa-core Exynos 8890 and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820.  Both the chipsets are built on the 14nm production method.

The first gen 14nm chipset were Samsung Exynos 7420 which was used in Galaxy S6 and also Apple A9 chipsets were built on 14nm method. Both the first gen 14nm chipsets used the LPE (Low power enhanced) nodes but the second gen 14nm chipsets will be using the LPP (Laser produced Plasma) which will enhance the device performance while using a small power storage.

4. Camera

The Galaxy S7 camera rumours indicate that next flagship will be featuring a new 20MP camera sensor. This latest camera is built on a 28nm process which will also reduce the power consumption. Samsung recently trademarked a new term BRITECELLwhich will be improving the camera sensor performance in low light conditions.

5 Pressure Sensitive Display Screen 

Recently Synaptics, a well-known maker of all things touch and controlling announced Samsung as one of the core partners in Clear Force pressure-sensitive touchscreen which will work quite similar like Apple iPhone 6S 3D touch technology but will provide a lot more features.

6. USB TYPE-C Connector

The last but not the least, we can expect Type C connector for the Galaxy S7, nearly all flagships in 2016 will be adopting this USB type for fast speed during file transfers and above all user doesn't have to worry about side while connecting this connector.
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