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Huawei might be the manufacturer of Nexus 7(2016)

As per the latest rumours, tech giant Google is now planning to release the successor variant of Nexus 7 and Chinese manufacturer Huawei is the alleged manufacturer. Although Google yet to decide about the manufacturer of Nexus 2016 tablet but Huawei is looking forward to expanding its partnership with Google. 

The source of this news is once again Weibo, so it would be nice if you take this news with a large pinch of salt. According to estimates, Chinese-based tech giant Huawei is now the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world because of its shipment volume. In China, Huawei is the largest smartphone manufacturer, and the latest Google Huawei giant production Nexus 6p success is the key for the Chinese giant who is looking forward to entering into the western smartphone markets.

The Nexus 6P success surely allows Huawei to enter into western high-end smartphone markets. A Nexus smartphone made by Huawei and endorsed by Google will open new windows for Huawei customers in US and Europe. We can’t put a price on that exposure Google is giving Huawei to recognise itself at the global level.

The first Nexus 7 tablet was manufactured by Asus, and the device was launched back in July 2012, this device was the first Nexus tablet in the Nexus lineup. Thanks to its low price tag and high-end specs, the device was one of the best-selling tablets of all time. In 2013, Google and ASUS once again join hands to launch the refreshed version of Nexus 7, this device was also priced pocket-friendly. 
Since the last Nexus 7, Google abandoned the policy of releasing budget friendly Nexus devices. The last Nexus 9 was made by HTC, Google announced that device for $399. This year flagship Nexus 6P was also priced higher as compared to earlier Nexus smartphone. Now if rumours of a new Nexus 7 are accurate, then we have to wait few more weeks to confirm that whether Google is continuing their policy of announcing budget friendly Nexus devices or will launch a high price tag Nexus tab.

Source: Weibo

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