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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB variant available for just $490 on eBay

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones of last year. Through official sources, the device is available for about $700 but if you can sacrifice official warranty, you can save more than $200.

The 32GB non-warranty variant OF Gs6 edge is available through eBay for only $490. Of course, before making any decision you should think twice because if your purchased variant have malfunction you have to pay repair cost yourself. It’s important to mention that usually new smartphones rarely malfunction unless you are unlucky.

Well, if you are keen to grab this 32GB S6 edge at such low discounted price, you can get an insurance plan for only $69 from Square Trade. In this case, you will get completely covered not only from malfunction but also in the drop as well.

The latest curved display smartphone from Samsung doesn’t require any introduction as the device is one of the bestselling smartphones of last year. At the moment device is available in white and green variant only.

If you are planning to get the GS6 Edge, checkout the deal before it ends because it’s available in limited quantity.

Source: eBay

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