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LG won't be manufacturing this year Nexus smartphone

Google and LG collaboration has produced three successful Nexus smartphones in last four years. Initially, we have reports that LG is going to produce next Nexus smartphone as well but according to latest LG’s executive quote, it seems LG might not be the manufacturer of a Nexus smartphone this year.

Recently one of LG’s executive said to CNET that “the company maintains a "totally happy" relationship with Google. However, developing a Nexus smartphone takes a lot of work, and LG's resources will be better spent on making smartphones that build the LG brand, not the Nexus one”.

A couple of days ago, South Korean giant unveiled their latest flagship LG G5 in modular and metal built, the company also announced that in 2016 they will be releasing two flagships which mean we can expect next flagship in fall most probably second gen of LG’s V10.  

The first Nexus smartphone build by LG was Nexus 4 which was introduced in 2012, this device boosted the Nexus brand as an affordable high-end specs smartphone in the mainstream market.

The Nexus 5 was the successor variant of Nexus 4, which was introduced back in 2013. The device was offered with a better camera and also was the first full HD smartphone in the Nexus Lineup. The device price tag was very affordable despite of its high end specs. Nexus lovers still consider this device was a class Android Smartphone of the contemporary era.

In 2014, LG took a break and came back in 2015 with the Nexus 5 successor Nexus 5X. The device was a upper mid ranger smartphone but the price tag was not as affordable as its predecessor which force the Google to slash price tag to attract Nexus fans.

Do share your thoughts below, Are you sad to hear that this year pocket friendly Nexus smartphone won’t be manufactured by LG?

Source: CNET

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