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Best Deal: Unlocked LG G4 is available for only $290

LG is launching globally its new flagship G5 during this week. But, still there are a number of LG fans who aren’t excited about the modular design of new LG G5. If you are one of them, you can grab the LG G4 (2015 flagship) with the best and cheapest price ever.

EBay now is offering the LG G4 for the lowest price of $289.99. Currently, most retailers are offering the G4 for $349.99. So by availing this offer, you can save up to $60.  

Like every deal offer, the number of devices is limited, so you might have to hurry a bit if you are already planning to buy G4. It’s important to mention that LG G4 is coming with the US warranty, and the retailer is also offering red and black leather rear covers free.

Of course, the last year flagship G4 cannot compete against the G5, as the latter device is the latest flagship from the manufacturer. The G5 is powered by the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 Soc with 4GB of RAM whereas the G4 is packed with Snapdragon 808 Soc with 3GB of RAM.

Nevertheless, the $289.99 price is pretty good for a one-year-old flagship. Do let us known in the comments section, are you interested in buying the LG G4 for this low price tag?

Source: eBay 
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