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Flagship HTC 10 outed in leaked based renders

The HTC has been struggling for the last couple of years, especially with the release of HTC One M9. The HTC One M9 low sales was a setback for the Taiwanese manufacturer. The One M7 was the first flagship of HTC which gained the attention of customers but since then the lack of significant changes in design and camera setup was the key reason for HTC’s slump in the Smartphone market.

The HTC is coming back with its new flagship HTC 10. This time, Taiwanese giant is confident about its flagship "world first, world class" camera setup. Even though the upcoming device is been leaked a couple of times but designers are not going to stop rendering beautiful renders of HTC 10.

These renders are pretty much in line with what we heard and seen in the last couple of days. Recently onLeaks also shared few images of the HTC 10.  From the look of things, it seems company has done a good job in energizing its traditional form factor while preserving its design cues.

This concept of LeoSide gives us idea a good idea what the device could look in silver and black/ gray combos. On the other hand, the Samsung latest Galaxy S7 duo enjoying the applauses for their undoubtedly premier design and high-end specs sheet. It would be interesting to see on release how HTC 10 could affect the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 duo sales.

As nothing is from official sources, so we are not sure whether these renders and leaks are near to the final design of what HTC is up to. If these renders look like the final HTC 10, would you like to buy this device?

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Source: XDA-Developers

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