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HTC Nexus 2016 is expected to have 3D Touch functionality

The upcoming Nexus lineup smartphones are expected from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. With each passing day, we have new details regarding the upcoming Nexus smartphones.

The Cupertino giant Apple introduced a new 3D Touch feature on its latest devices, we have to admit that it’s nicer to have this feature but it’s not essential at all.

Nevertheless, to stay competitive Android smartphone manufacturers are working on pressure-sensitive Smartphones and Chinese manufacturers ZTE and Huawei even introduced their devices with this 3D Touch feature. The ZTE Axon Mini and Huawei Mate S are clear indications of how Chinese manufacturers are planning to introduce their Hero phones with this new technology.

It seems this trend will continue this year with more manufacturers to release smartphones with 3D Touch. What more interesting is that HTC made upcoming Nexus smartphone is rumoured to have this feature.

The insider claims that tech giant Google is planning to introduce 3D touch feature as a native feature of their Android OS. If this report is accurate, then we can claim that users will get more benefit of this technology because it will encourage App developers and manufacturers to use the native expedient functionality.

As nothing is from official source, that’s why we will recommend you to take this report with a pinch of salt. We will be sharing more details in coming days stay connected. 

source: Weibo

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