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HTC to manufacture Nexus smartphones exclusively for next 3 years

In last few weeks we have plenty of leaks and rumours regarding the upcoming Nexus smartphones. Last year we heard rumours that Google might end its Nexus program and will start producing modular smartphones. Recently we have a report from well-known leaker that both upcoming Nexus smartphones are being manufactured by HTC.

Now, as per latest info, the tech giant Google and HTC have signed a long term deal. According to the source, the HTC will be the exclusive manufacturer of Google Nexus smartphones for next 3 years.

There is no detail about the tablets which means the other manufacturers will be taking responsibility for producing Nexus tablets. There are fair chances Google might start producing tablet itself or might not release any tablet in next couple of years. The tablet market is not as profitable as smartphones that could be one of the reason Google just released the Pixel C.  We have to wait few more weeks to confirm which option is true.

Do share your views regarding the deal of HTC producing next 3 year Nexus smartphones?
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  1. That's unfortunate. I'm very happy with my Huawei 6p.


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