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LG G5 Official: Hands-on Review

The two most notable Android Smartphone manufacturers in Smartphone kingdom are from South Korea. No Doubt, Samsung has been the premier manufacturer for a very long time period but on the other hand, LG is also very innovative and competing against Samsung for as long as geeks can remember.

Last year, Samsung flagship brought the Korean giant game to a new level however LG also tried to be innovative with its G4. For this year, LG brings its special innovation LG G5 to the recent MWC event 2016.

Like Samsung’s last year flagship, this year LG’s flagship brings a radical change from the typical design of G series. LG G series might be shocked to see the latest G5 that’s why today we are going to do a hands on review of G5. Let’s find out what LG G5 is offering its customers.


The most prominent change in G5 is its new innovative design. With the G5, LG say Goodbye to old plasticity design and also rear volume control buttons.  The device is totally redesigned from the basics

The LG G4 leather and plastic finishes are replaced by G5’s modular metal design which is flatter as compared to arched casing of G5 predecessors. The power button is on rear side which also includes the fingerprint sensor. The volume rockers are back in familiar position i.e. left side of the device. LG says that change in volume button design is made due to customer’s request.
The new G5 metal design gives the device a premium look and also a higher level of strength that LG G series was missing.
One of the most luring parts of the G5 design is its modular designing which allows users to withdraw battery and microSD card slot. LG added a flash button on the bottom left of the device which allows the user to open the bottom compartment which is comprised of a gigantic 2800mAh battery and external Micro-SD card. It will be interesting to see how G5 new modular designs attract customers on release.


The display is one area where LG never lacks and even pioneer in producing latest high-resolution displays. The G4 was the first Smartphone featuring quad HD display in the market. This year G5 display is of 5.3 inches and once again it’s quad HD but sharper and highly detailed as compared to its predecessor.

The LG G5 is an IPS-LCD display but its appearance is more like and AMOLED display thanks to its pure over-saturated colors and wide viewing angles. Even though LG’s approach to the display is a bit different but it looks lovely and visually pleasing to the user's eyes.

Last but not the least LG’s G5 is also offering “always on display” which keeps the light on for a specific area of the display. Users won’t have to switch on display just to check time and notifications.


The details regarding the hardware specs of G5 are not a secret as we have reported plenty of leaks regarding what’s under the hood of the G5. The Qualcomm’s 64 bit Octa core Snapdragon 820 processor is powering the device with 4GB of LPDDR4 and Adreno 530 GPU for graphics.

As expected, the device runs exceptionally quick and apps open instantly in a blink of eye. User won’t be feeling any sluggishness in the UI experience of the G5.
LG also introduced a new VR handset as a new “friends” of G5, Users can attach the VR via the phone’s USB Type-C port. The Snapdragon 820 is very powerful and can handle LG’s VR.
As I mentioned above, the LG G5 supports external SD card. Now users can expand their internal Storage via the external Micro-SD card. We should applaud LG for this aspect considering many rival manufacturers have opted total internal storage policy. The base version of G5 is of 32GB capacity.


The G5 camera setup is inspired by the recently released LG V10. Yes the G5 also offers a dual camera setup. The G5 dual camera setup is not on front side but rather it’s the main camera setup. The main camera are of a 16MP and an 8MP sensor. Initially many geeks were thinking this dual camera setup is for post capture effects but not in this case. The G5 dual camera is for capturing wider angle image.

The V10’s dual front facing camera offers a wider angle selfie but the G5 rear camera offers a wider capture which looks like a panoramic shot. The G5 front facing camera is of 8MP. It’s important to mention that LG has done hard work in improving the still image quality but this time LG lacks the attention to the video shooting side.


The LG G5 is surely one step forward in the designing and we appreciate LG for introducing a newly redesigned G5. The G5 looks premium in hands and no doubt it will be a great step in G series lineup. On the other hand, nearly all manufacturers are currently introducing premium flagships and LG G5 is not an exception.
Despite all of, the important matter is about the pricing of G5. So far LG didn’t announce the price tag nor the availability of the device. The device is expected to be sold around $650 to $700 range.

On release, it would be interesting to see how customers will react about this smartphone. With G5, LG not only introduced a new design but also open a whole new window of extravagances.

No doubt the G5 is not only a smartphone but also offers various attachments that surely will lure the customers on release. Do share your thoughts below regarding the LG modular G5.

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