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FBI can’t hack iPhones newer than the iPhone 5c

Finally, it’s proved that the tools used by the FBI to unlock the San Bernardino suspect will only unlock smartphones which were released before iPhone 5c. The Israel-based firm Cellebrite has provided tools to the FBI to unlock the suspected iPhone, the solution from Cellebrite cooled down the rumbling dialogue between the Apple and federal agency. The FBI was demanding to hack into iPhone on the basis of a security threat to the nation.

 Well, soon after the settlement we mentioned that FBI vs DOJ is not over because any other authority can again ask Apple to hack into their iPhone if they are unable to unlock the next iPhone.  

I am sure, you probably well aware of the matter between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Cupertino giant Apple. The Apple was not ready to hack into their own hardware which FBI claim belongs to a terror suspect. During hearings at Court, the FBI tried its level best to force Apple to provide them a way to extract info from iPhone 5C.

Apple didn’t move from its stance because they were well aware if they provide a way then the debate will go on consumer data protection. Later FBI made an arrangement to hack into iPhone 5C through a third party and things quietened after FBI got info.
Recently FBI starts’s offering help to other agencies regarding extracting info from locked iPhone. Now FBI director James Comey admits they are unable to unlock latest iPhones and their tool doesn’t work on iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Now it seems, this long-drawn-out conversation with Apple is not over because recently FBI asked Apple to unlock an iPhone 5s which according to them belongs to a drug dealer but later on Judge ruled in the favor of Apple, the FBI launched an appeal against the decision. 

Comey further mentions that Bureau has yet to make the decision regarding providing the hacking info to Apple. They are confident that their tool supplier will work to improve its methodology to unlock iPhones. We will be sharing more details regarding the matter stay connected for more details. 

Source: InfoWorld
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