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Huawei ‘Huawei 7P’ trademark Ignites Nexus 6P successor rumours

The last year Nexus flagship Nexus 6P was no doubt, one of the best high-end smartphone of Nexus Lineup. Soon after its announcement, the device was pretty well acclaimed by customers as well by gadget geeks.

The best thing about Huawei 6P was its high-end specs alongside the stock Android UI experience. Recently, Chinese giant Huawei filed a brand for “Huawei 7P” name. The name itself fires up the rumours of possible Nexus 6p successor.

Even though filing didn’t give us any idea what Huawei has in mind regarding the 7P but only mentions a smartphone without specifying its hardware or software details. Huawei filed the 7P name patent on April 7th but the news regarding the 7P appeared today.

There may be a scenario, Huawei knows the importance of its 6P brand, despite its success was not only because of its hardware but because of its software. As per so far info, this year HTC is going to produce both the mid -range and flagship Nexus device.

In this case, Huawei 7P will be having company’s custom user interface operating system. Now, it won’t be easy for easy Huawei 7P to attain much attention and love from Android fans as they received in the case of Huawei 6P.

We all know that Huawei EMUI is not attractive enough to compete against stock version experience. So it would be interesting to see whether 7P will be able to gain the attraction of Android fans like 6P or not.

As nothing is set in stone, we will recommend you to take this info with a pinch of salt unless Huawei officially announces 7P. Do share your views below would you like to buy Nexus 7P if it doesn’t have stock Android but feature high-end specs? 

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