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Kindle Oasis has an Asymmetrical Design leaked ahead of official unveiling

From last few days, we have rumours that Amazon will be unveiling a new variant of its kindle e-reader. This device launch is expected this week. The confirmation of the existence of this device is publicized by none other than Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon himself. 
Well, if you are also curious what this device will be bringing, you don’t have to worry about this anymore because device listing appears online in China which exposed nearly all details about the device ahead of its launch.
First of all, the device will be released as Kindle Oasis. The overall design of this device is pretty unique as compared to tablets available in the market. On its thinnest point, the device is been 3.4mm whereas it is 8.55mm on its thickest part. The device weighs only 131grams which make it the lightest model of Kindle e-readers so far. This device is 20% lighter than its predecessor.

To make it a perfect device for e-reading Kindle Oasis is packed with 60% more LEDs to make ensure uniform backlighting. It has 300 pixels per inch display. The screen density of this device is nearly same of Kindle Voyage.
For better one handed process Kindle Oasis is featuring a turning button on one side. Users of the device will be able to rotate the display with those buttons either on the left or on the right according to the screen rotation. The device is packed with a leather battery case. Its gigantic battery can give standby time up to 20 months. The leather battery case will be available in red, brown and black.
At the moment, Oasis price tag is still unknown, so we can’t confirm what will be the price of this new addition to Amazon’s Kindle range. 
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